Thursday, January 3, 2008

{ Oh no!! Where did I go? }

It has been almost two months, I know. I promised a post and I never got it. I still haven't figured out why Photoshop won't work the way it use to before my computer crashed. But then again, I haven't had much time to try and figure it out. Shortly after my last post my brother-in-law came for a visit. It was his first time on the East Coast so we did a lot of site seeing in Boston and Manhattan. So needless to say I was busy.

About half way through the visit my husband and I found out I was pregnant! Yes it was planned, well pretty much. I stopped taking birth control a little over a year ago because we decided to leave it in God's hands if I was going to get pregnant and when. Right now I'm 12 weeks along.

Since we live in a one bedroom condo we are forced to move, very sad because I LOVE my home! We have rented out the condo and are in the process of finding a new place to buy. Currently we're in a hotel because our last place fell through, ugggh! No stamping stuff with me now.

So between all of this and the holidays I've been slammed. I've also been contemplating whether or not I'm going to continue my blog. With the move, the baby on the way, work and family obligations I just don't see how I can continue it at this point in time. I'm not going to take it down, since I may be able to continue sometime in the future, but for now I have to take a break, that I can pretty much guarantee will be for a long while. In the rare chance I may have some spare time I may post, but it won't be on a regular basis. So if you leave Feedblitz set up you may get a treat every now and then.

I want to thank all my loyal readers, I've had fun with this and enjoyed hearing your comments. Oh and happy stamping!

I'll leave you with the project I mentioned in my last post, as I am really proud of it... minus my water mark, guess I'll just have to take the chance since I want to leave you with something.

This coaster set was an anniversary gift for a friend I grew up with and his wife. I used cork board shelf lining paper on the back to make the rough tile easier on furniture. The hearts were done with a mask, sponge and Staz-On ink. I can't remember where the "love" stamp came from and since my stuff is packed and in storage I really can't find out.

The small lettering under the "love" image was done with one of those stamps where the individual letters roll to make a phrase or word of your choice. That was definitely the hardest part! I couldn't get it straight to match up w/the angle on the "love" image. Looking back I should have done the small lettering first since the "love" image was acrylic, but I had to do it the hard way, lol! Even with that little difficulty they were incredibly easy and I LOVE the way they turned out.

These coasters were also very inexpensive! At least if you already have the inks they are. The tiles were about a dollar a piece and the cork shelf liner was about five dollars for a roll that I understand will make about 60 coasters. Time wise I spent about an hour and most of it was on the design, I had some real duds the first few go arounds. Fortunately Staz-On cleans of very easily with cleaner from the tiles.

If you haven't tried making tile coasters yet I strongly suggest you do, they are so quick, easy and inexpensive... oh and don't forget make a wonderful personalized gift! Enjoy.