Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Little About Me

I saw this on Melanie's blog and since I can't stamp right now I figured I'd post a little something this morning!

Yourself: Huh?

Your Partner: Wonderful! A true gift from God!

Your Hair: Short & LOVE it!!

Your Mother: The jury's out on that one, getting better though.

Your Father: Love him & miss him!

Your Favorite Item: I have a few things I treasure, a painting by my brother, a vase of my great grandmothers, painted plates my great grandfather gave me, a box my grandfather made that my husband has.... those kind of things.

Your Dream Last Night: Interesting! But I can't remember anymore.

Your Favorite Drink: Iced Tea all the way, that and water

Your Dream Car: I'd love another convertible

Dream Home: Out in the country

The Room You Are In: My grandpa's spare bedroom

Your Fear: Loosing my husband

Where You Want to be in Ten Years: In a bigger home, really settled down

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: My grandfather and Carmen

You’re Not: In any pain, woohoo!

One of Your Wish List Items: Some Essential Oils that made my wrist stop hurting for the first time!! Not stamps??? That's a change!

The Last Thing You Did: Checked the work e-mail, nothing, WOW!

You Are Wearing: PJ's, just woke up

Your Favorite Weather: Winter, thunderstorms, snow, cold!!

Last Thing You Ate: Mexican

Your Life: Great!

Your Mood: Content

Your Best Friend: Which one? Todd, Jill, Stephanie all wonderful and great

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Work, uggggh... I hope it's slow today!

Your Car: Sierra 1500, my husband's truck I got it by default

What Are You Doing At The Moment: This survey then up to get ready

Relationship Status: Happily married

What Is On Your TV: Probably nothing, hubby's probably already left for work and I'm 3000 miles away. The news is on my grandpa's TV in the other room here though.

What Is The Weather Like: A little warm but not uncomfortable.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

{ Tagged... }

How come I always get tagged when I'm on vacation? Well technically I'm not on vacation right now, but I am out of state and I've been tagged twice since I left! One from Kathat & another from Mercy. They're both the same tag, to list 7 random facts about myself. It's going to be hard enough to come up with 7 different facts, so I'm just going to do this once for the two tags.

1. I'm an over the top perfectionist! I say it's to a fault because I get stressed out when things aren't perfect.

2. I looooooooooove macaroni & cheese! Minus the milk and use real butter, yummy! It's a guilty pleasure of mine!

3. I collect pencils. I have near 6000 of them right now and my goal is to break a world record. I now have more pencils that the current world record, but I'm waiting to get a good number more before I go for it.

4. I have declared Spring, Summer and Fall flip-flop season! I had surgery on my ankle about three years ago so I can't wear any shoes with height and I hate tennis shoes and boots, so the minute the weather is warm enough it's flip flop season!

5. I talk to my cats! Well mainly just the one, but I talk to her like she's a person.

6. My favorite place to shop is American Eagle.

7. I'm insanely clean! Except when it comes to my stamping desk the rest of my house is normally immaculate. I get stressed when it isn't!

I'm tagging Jilly Dreadful & Melanie (Batgirl)

{ Coffee Filter Book }

So I promised a fun little project, so here it is! My friend, Stephanie, that I'm staying with here in California saw these at a scrap booking store a while back and we decided to give them a try. We used cone shaped coffee filters, covered them with card stock then decorated them as we liked. They are bound together with clips and there are little pull outs with more pictures and quotes inside each of the coffee filters. A little time consuming, but a lot of fun!

The finished book is 14 pages front and back. I only took a few pictures of my favorites.

I made the album for my mom and dad. Their 25th wedding anniversary was two years ago. I had made a cute little album for them which got ruined when I moved. So I figured this was a good way to redo it.

{ Monkey Invites }

When I was a teenager I had a few pen pals, around 20 I think. One, Rheanna, I met through a homeschooling magazine and years later we ended up meeting each other by chance at the home school convention. Of all my pen pals Rheanna is the the only one I kept in touch with through the years. We've kept in contact through e-mail, myspace and instant messaging and we both went to each others weddings. She just has a baby last August and asked me to make the invitations for baby Brian's first birthday. This is what I came up with.

First I stamped the images on the background in different colors then I ran them through my Cuttlebug with the Happy Birthday embossing folder. The card opens up by un-tieing the ribbon. The heart and "1" were both made with my Cricut.

Stamps: SU Monkey Business
Paper: SU Chocolate Chip, Very Vanilla, So Saffron
Ink: SU Always Artichoke, Pumpkin Pie, So Saffron, Chocolate Chip
Embellishments: SU Ribbon
Other: Provocraft Cricut & Cuttlebug; SU Pastels

Techniques: Rock & Roll

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

{ Something Fun in the Works! }

I've have been busy stamping the last few days but I don't have much to show yet. I'm actually working on a scrapbooking project and I don't want to share it until it's done. Right now it's pretty slow going since I don't have full use of my right hand, which by the way is actually getting worst! It is extremely hard to type too, so I'm going to keep this short. But check back, I should have something fun posted in the next couple days!

Monday, July 2, 2007

{ Update }

Well I got a hold of the Doctor and they said they could see me today if I was there in fifteen minutes. Good grief! Obviously I went. I found out the problem is not actually with my wrist, but with my Ulnar nerve (aka Funny Bone) in my elbow. Or so that is what the Doctor is speculating at this point. I have to have an x-ray done to rule out anything else and was given some pain killers. I was also told to relax it for a while. Kind of good timing since I am going out of the state on Friday. I have a lot to do the next few days so not being able to stamp will actually be a good thing, no distractions! I should be doing a lot of stamping while I'm gone, maybe even some of my first ever scrapbook pages! We'll see how it goes.

{ I Think I'm Going to Cry! }

My right wrist hurts!

It has been bugging me for about a month, at least at the end of the day it does. When it starts to hurt I stop working on the computer and stamping, the two things that aggravate it. I put a brace on and wait till the next day to continue. But yesterday it started hurting around 10am and just got worst all day! That would be why you haven't seen anything new from me this weekend. By the end of the day it hurt so bad I had to take a Vicodin that was prescribed for something else. I couldn't sleep otherwise. Today I woke up and the pain is gone, but it is stiff and feels very uncomfortable. I'll be calling the Dr. as soon as the office opens.

If you don't see anything new work from me for a few while that is why. I can't stamp right now, I want to cry!