Saturday, November 25, 2006

101 Things About Me

101. I love all kinds of music, but country is my favorite.
100. I love to snowboard.
99. I just moved across the country in February 2006
98. Because of the move I was separated by 3000 miles from my husband for 5 months.
99. He left for his new job the day after my birthday and we saw each other only 4 times in those 5 months.
98. I love cats, don't care too much for dogs (they are too much work).
97. I studied Kodan Kan Karate Do for 6 years.
96. I was a second degree brown belt (normal for that style).
95. I can't stand karate schools that will give you a black belt after only two years of studying.
94. I can't stand apples with the exception of Pink Lady apples, I LOVE those!
93. My favorite color is pink.
92. Growing up it was blue.
91. I wouldn't wear dresses at all from about the time I was 10 to 20.
90. Now I prefer dresses or a skirt over pants.
89. I am a born again Christian.
88. I received the Lord when I was 16.
87. In a round-a-bout way my Karate instructor lead me to Christ.
86. I have major sleeping problems.
85. I have gone a week with out sleeping at all.
84. I have slept for 4 days straight. I'm sure I got up to go to the bathroom, but I don't remember it.
83. I have two cats, Satie & Stormy.
82. I got married on December 14th, 2003
81. I love to golf, but I suck at it!
80. I'm closer to my aunts than I am my own mom.
79. I met Jennifer Cooliage
78. I'm 25.
77. I have already bought and sold a house and bought a 2nd one.
76. I love interior design.
75. I had around 30 pen pals when I was a teenager from all over the world.
74. When I was 16 I went on a mission trip to Mexico.
73. I love cold weather.
72. I hate summer!
71. I love to go camping.
70. I love General Hospital!
69. I also love All my Children, although not as much as General Hospital.
68. My favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory.
67. If I didn't have to have a cell phone for work I wouldn't have one.
66. The first concert I went to was Newsboys.
65. I've seen them four times since.
64. I met my husband at work.
63. We have always worked together, for two different companies.
62. My favorite kind of vacation is a cruise.
61. I can't stand beer!
60. I love Fossil purses.
59. I am married to the greatest guy!
58. I would love to meet Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
57. I love the Sacramento Kings!!
56. I'm not scared to die.
55. I miss my old friend Mara, oh I wish I had her phone number or address!
54. I hate coffee, even though I use to work at Starbucks.
53. Starbucks was the funnest job I've ever had!
52. One of my cousins has the same birthday as me.
51. I love fuzzy socks in the winter.
50. If I could I would wear flip flops year round.
49. I was not aloud into work one day for 3 hours because of an anthrax scare, it ended up being chalk.
48. I miss In & Out!
47. I'm a perfectionist.
46. I can't stand to live in a dirty house.
45. I love my job!
44. I hate talking on the phone!
43. I love to IM.
42. I'm a great listener.
41. I'm over emotional!!
40. Italian food is my favorite!
39. Chinese is a close second.
38. The spicier the food the better!
36. I was home schooled from 7th grade on.
35. I hated it!
34. I am always in my pajamas at home, unless I have company over.
33. I'm scared to death of snakes!
32. My favorite Disney movie is the Little Mermaid
31. I hate shopping!
30. I almost burned my parents house down a few years ago, thank God they got home when they did.
29. I wish I was shorter than I am
28. I was named after my aunt who passed away when she was an infant.
27. It's really weird that in 5 years I will be 30!
26. I love Netflix!
25. Most of my clothes are from American Eagle Outfitters- I love that store!
24. That is the only store I can buy clothes with out trying them on.
23. I never want to live in California again!
22. My husband is a really good cook!
21. I love playing Dr. Mario
20. No one can beat me! Seriously, I'm really good.
19. I want to break the world record for largest pencil collection.
18. The current record is around 5600. I have around 4000 right now.
17. I love Soy Chai Lattes!
16. I've talked to Robert Downing Jr, Oral Hershiser & Bruce Willis on the phone.
15. I can't stand going to the dentist!
14. I had to have surgery on my ankle because I sprained it so many times.
13. I hate doing laundry!
12. Seafood make me sick!
11. I love Garfield
10. I love South Park
9. My favorite reality TV show is America's Next Top Model
8. I've known my best friend for longer than I haven't know her.
7. I love going to basketball games.
6. I use to have a cat named Peja, she ran away & I couldn't watch Kings basketball till Peja was traded.
5. I am extremely ticklish!
4. I always chew on my straw.
3. I love cheesecake
2. I always fall or trip on stairs at my aunt & uncles house.
1. I never fall or trip on stairs anywhere else.

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