Saturday, June 9, 2007

{ Stampin' Tip: The StazOn Cover that StazOn! }

Here is a great little tip I learned at the show to help prevent loosing those pesky little protective covers from your StazOn ink pads.

~Open up your ink pad and put two thick pop dots/dimensionals of some sort on the cover like pictured.
~Close the lid and lightly squeeze the center.
~Open back up and the protective lid is secured in place so you don't ever loose it!

Tip: Make sure to use pop dots/dimensionals that are thick so the lid sits directly on the ink pad and not above it.


snarflemarfle said...


Anonymous said...

what a great idea!!! I just got the glue pad and it also has the little clear lid! must go do this now!!!

monika/buzsy said...

Oh my! Did you go to the same show or what? I heard that too at a rubber stamp show... TFS! I forgot all about it.

Lindsi Dawn said...

I went to the Heirloom Stamp and Paper Craft show last weekend in Springfield, MA. I learned it from a very excentric (sp??) guy who loves to stamp! LOL He also dances on his bg stamps. I forgot about it to until I picked up my StazOn yesterday to use it. Glad it stuck, cuz I love it!!

jmniffer said...

What a super tip! I will have to do this right away. I don't get to the trade/craft shows and tips like this are appreciated. Keep passing them along.