Monday, March 19, 2007

{ The Mail Man Just Came!! }

Okay so he probably thinks I'm a freak! I was confused at first because I thought the stuff would be delivered to my Aunt & Uncle's house. Then I realized what it was and I, uh, well I shrieked with joy! LOL. You can hear people talking on the other side of the door and the mailboxes are right there (I live in a condo). So yeah, the mail man probably thinks I'm a freak now!

Anyway, I got a new set, Office Accoutrement (I was just admiring a card someone made with that set on SCS too!), the Spiral Punch, a Cutter Kit and the Prep School Ribbon. I can't wait to go play. Gotta go exercise first!

Okay I'll post something pretty to look at later tonight!

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