Thursday, December 7, 2006

My Husband & the Crimping Tool

The other night I was making a card and I really wanted to use a piece of crimped paper. I tried three times and it kept turning and getting crooked (I think it's because it was actually two pieces taped together so it was pretty thick). I was about to give up when my hubby walked in so I asked him for a hand. He held and turned the crimping tool while i fed it through to make sure it came out straight...

APARENTLY this tool is the coolest tool in the world because he couldn't get over how great it was! He had to look at it from all angles and put a few pieces of scrap paper through it... it was really funny!

Then he says "I should make a card." Well of course I kind of blew it off... let me just say this, my hubby is into Football, hunting, fishing, beer, wood carving, playing football on the PS2 and for a living he is a technician, yes he fixes things... he is what you would call a "manly man." So I blew it off because he couldn't possibly be serious!

So tonight he went with me to AC Moore so I could use two of the Michael's coupons in one trip... while there we had a little conversation that went something like this,

"I've been thinking about the card I'm going to make all day!"

I'm thinking "hahahaha! All day??!!"

"I know exactly what I'm going to make, but I can't tell you because you'll take my idea and make it first."

I'm thinking, "I'm going to steal your idea?"

"So can I make my card on Saturday? You have to watch me, you can't make one of your own."

Now he's got a little more of my attention and I ask, "why can't I stamp while you make your card." Thinking to myself how could I possibly sit in front of my stamping stuff for that long without using it?

"Because I'm going to need help and you can't be distracted."

I kind of laughed and the conversation ended there... However.... he kept picking things up through out the isles looking at them, I'm sure to see if there was something he wanted to put on "his" card.

It doesn't stop there... now as a little background, I've explained to him a few times what Split Coast Stampers is so he is familiar with the galleries and leaving comments and such. So I'm sitting on the couch and he come and sits next to me and asks if there is a way to look at just crimped cards. So I do a search and let him look through the gallery. For twenty minutes he looks at card after card insisting I leave coments for him. At the end of this time he stands up and say, "no one has a card like my idea," then walks away.

Needless to say now I'm anxious to see if he will actually sit down and make a card now.

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