Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Little About Me

I saw this on Melanie's blog and since I can't stamp right now I figured I'd post a little something this morning!

Yourself: Huh?

Your Partner: Wonderful! A true gift from God!

Your Hair: Short & LOVE it!!

Your Mother: The jury's out on that one, getting better though.

Your Father: Love him & miss him!

Your Favorite Item: I have a few things I treasure, a painting by my brother, a vase of my great grandmothers, painted plates my great grandfather gave me, a box my grandfather made that my husband has.... those kind of things.

Your Dream Last Night: Interesting! But I can't remember anymore.

Your Favorite Drink: Iced Tea all the way, that and water

Your Dream Car: I'd love another convertible

Dream Home: Out in the country

The Room You Are In: My grandpa's spare bedroom

Your Fear: Loosing my husband

Where You Want to be in Ten Years: In a bigger home, really settled down

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: My grandfather and Carmen

You’re Not: In any pain, woohoo!

One of Your Wish List Items: Some Essential Oils that made my wrist stop hurting for the first time!! Not stamps??? That's a change!

The Last Thing You Did: Checked the work e-mail, nothing, WOW!

You Are Wearing: PJ's, just woke up

Your Favorite Weather: Winter, thunderstorms, snow, cold!!

Last Thing You Ate: Mexican

Your Life: Great!

Your Mood: Content

Your Best Friend: Which one? Todd, Jill, Stephanie all wonderful and great

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Work, uggggh... I hope it's slow today!

Your Car: Sierra 1500, my husband's truck I got it by default

What Are You Doing At The Moment: This survey then up to get ready

Relationship Status: Happily married

What Is On Your TV: Probably nothing, hubby's probably already left for work and I'm 3000 miles away. The news is on my grandpa's TV in the other room here though.

What Is The Weather Like: A little warm but not uncomfortable.


Anonymous said...

Hey! hope your have a relaxing time! You should see my facebook! lol. I have sp many Question and answers lists on there :P

see ya later!

Anonymous said...

hey girl! I was tagged with an "award" so I tagged you! check it out on my blog when you get a minute!

Mercy said...


I hate that you are unable to stamp for a while, but because I love your blog so much I have nominated you as a "rockin' girl blogger". For more info please visit my blog:


Get to feelin' better!

Stephanie said...

You and your Mexican Cuisine. Lol!