Wednesday, July 11, 2007

{ Something Fun in the Works! }

I've have been busy stamping the last few days but I don't have much to show yet. I'm actually working on a scrapbooking project and I don't want to share it until it's done. Right now it's pretty slow going since I don't have full use of my right hand, which by the way is actually getting worst! It is extremely hard to type too, so I'm going to keep this short. But check back, I should have something fun posted in the next couple days!


Kathy said...

I hope you heal soon and by the way, tag, you're it!

You have to post 7 random facts about yourself and then tag 7 others :-)

Mercy said...

glad to hear that you are feeling better! i also wanted to let you know that I've tagged you on my blog: