Monday, July 2, 2007

{ I Think I'm Going to Cry! }

My right wrist hurts!

It has been bugging me for about a month, at least at the end of the day it does. When it starts to hurt I stop working on the computer and stamping, the two things that aggravate it. I put a brace on and wait till the next day to continue. But yesterday it started hurting around 10am and just got worst all day! That would be why you haven't seen anything new from me this weekend. By the end of the day it hurt so bad I had to take a Vicodin that was prescribed for something else. I couldn't sleep otherwise. Today I woke up and the pain is gone, but it is stiff and feels very uncomfortable. I'll be calling the Dr. as soon as the office opens.

If you don't see anything new work from me for a few while that is why. I can't stamp right now, I want to cry!

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