Monday, July 2, 2007

{ Update }

Well I got a hold of the Doctor and they said they could see me today if I was there in fifteen minutes. Good grief! Obviously I went. I found out the problem is not actually with my wrist, but with my Ulnar nerve (aka Funny Bone) in my elbow. Or so that is what the Doctor is speculating at this point. I have to have an x-ray done to rule out anything else and was given some pain killers. I was also told to relax it for a while. Kind of good timing since I am going out of the state on Friday. I have a lot to do the next few days so not being able to stamp will actually be a good thing, no distractions! I should be doing a lot of stamping while I'm gone, maybe even some of my first ever scrapbook pages! We'll see how it goes.


Holly said...

Linda, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

hope you get better soon girl! and have a great trip!!! Its fun to scrap book. mine get better thro the pages so thats funny :) I need to start my babies! he will be one on thursday!!! man they grwo too fast! loves ya!!!

Mercy said...

Ms. Lindsi,

I just tagged you on my blog!