Thursday, July 12, 2007

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How come I always get tagged when I'm on vacation? Well technically I'm not on vacation right now, but I am out of state and I've been tagged twice since I left! One from Kathat & another from Mercy. They're both the same tag, to list 7 random facts about myself. It's going to be hard enough to come up with 7 different facts, so I'm just going to do this once for the two tags.

1. I'm an over the top perfectionist! I say it's to a fault because I get stressed out when things aren't perfect.

2. I looooooooooove macaroni & cheese! Minus the milk and use real butter, yummy! It's a guilty pleasure of mine!

3. I collect pencils. I have near 6000 of them right now and my goal is to break a world record. I now have more pencils that the current world record, but I'm waiting to get a good number more before I go for it.

4. I have declared Spring, Summer and Fall flip-flop season! I had surgery on my ankle about three years ago so I can't wear any shoes with height and I hate tennis shoes and boots, so the minute the weather is warm enough it's flip flop season!

5. I talk to my cats! Well mainly just the one, but I talk to her like she's a person.

6. My favorite place to shop is American Eagle.

7. I'm insanely clean! Except when it comes to my stamping desk the rest of my house is normally immaculate. I get stressed when it isn't!

I'm tagging Jilly Dreadful & Melanie (Batgirl)

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Anonymous said...

love the scrapbook! out of Coffee Filters! so cool!

Thanks for tagging me! hope your hand gets batter soon!!!!

have a great weekend