Thursday, January 11, 2007

I have to vent...

I hate making multiple cards all the same! I can stand doing about two or three the same, beyond that it's torture! I find it a chore to even do 6 or so cards for a swap, so probably not many more of those!

Last year's Christmas cards were all the same, 50 extremely difficult and time consuming cards, it was torture! Fortunately I was working in a call center at the time so I worked on them when I was on the phone (yes, against office rules, but my manager knew and didn't care. Plus I was about to quit). So since in a weird way I was "getting paid" for making them I didn't care that they took so long to make. However, after that Christmas I decided I would NEVER make multiple cards like that again. Didn't last very long though, not too long later my brother announced that he was getting married and what did I do? I told his fiance' I wanted to make all her thank you cards. Over a hundred! I started them in March of last year, then because I was moving they got shelved. Well the wedding is in two months, so I had to take them back out. I forgot how much torture it is to make so many like cards at once! I worked for them for two hours and I'm already sick of them. I hate feeling this way! They are beautiful and I'm very excited to give them to her, but making so many at one time is draining the joy of card making out of me! I hope to complete them by the end of the weekend. Then no more!

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