Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh No... I'm in Trouble!

I'm in sooooooooooo much trouble! I just got a peak at the new SU Spring Mini. How can I seriously want almost everything in it??!?!! IMO- This is the BEST Mini yet. Fortunatly for my New Year's Resolution I got a peak at it this early, maybe when I actually comes out and I can order from it I will not want so much. Let's see how that goes, here is my current wish list:

* I know I will still want it come March 1st
** I can probably live with out it, but I would love to have it!
*** I don't really want, but the SCS galleries are changing my mind!

Crab & Company *
Sandy Shells **
Polka Dots & Paisley ***
Polka Dots & Petals **
That's Nice **
Best Bar Codes **
Office Accountrement *
Notations Paper **
Round Tab Punch *
Spiral Punch *
Doodle This *
Doodle That *
Doodle Alphabet ** - I really don't need more alphabets, but it's too cute!
Doodle Numbers ** - Ditto not on the alphabets
Big Blooms **
Au Chocolat *
Bundle of Joy *
Off the Chart **

Really, there is stuff in the mini not on my list.... stuff that was in old minis and a couple sets.

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