Saturday, January 20, 2007

Last Night Was Awesome!!

I know this has nothing to do with stamping and card making, but last night was soooooo incredibly awesome I just have to share!

My husband and I are both born and raised in the Sacramento area, so we are both loyal Sacramento Kings fans. When we lived in Sacramento we would see the kings play at least 3 times a year. Normally we would save up and go to the really good games. Since we moved to Massachusetts we don't have the luxury of picking what games to go to, we have the chance to see them 1 time a year against the Celtics. So for a Christmas/Anniversary gift we bought tickets to the Kings vs. Celtics game this year. Since we only have one chance to see them we chose to go all out and get really good tickets. We bought tickets first row right behind the Sacramento bench!!! How great is that!?!?!!

So the game was last night and oh boy was it fun! We arrived over an hour early hoping to get a chance to get some autographs, what a good decision that was! The two Kings players that were out early both stopped signing autographs for the Celtics fans to sign my visor! So I have Kevin Martin & John Salmons autographs on my purple visor. As it would have been even more awesome to get Bibby's autograph, I can't complain about the one's I did get! I can see why they say King's fans are the best in the NBA. Anyone who has been to a King's game at Arco knows what a sea of purple and black there is and is fully aware of how loud everyone cheers. I couldn't believe the lack of team support the Celtics had! Most people at the game weren't wearing any Celtics gear, or even the colors.... then on top of that they hardly cheered their team on! Todd & I were so loud cheering our team on that one guy sitting behind us said "keep cheering loud, you'll give them a handicap by making them deaf!" My husband and I ignored the guy and chuckled to ourselves thinking, "they're use to it!" The cheering toward the end of the game was fun though. It was really any one's game so the crowd started to get into cheering for the Celtics a little more.... however whenever the Kings did something good there was silence, minus my husband and I jumping to our feet screaming at the top of our lungs! Quite a few times we got some warm glances and smiles from the King's players on the bench. The Celtic's fans would "boo" the Kings when they were at the line for a foul shot and of course when the Kings made it we would cheer, which would in turn make everyone within ear shot start laughing. It was great! The more we cheered, the more they laughed and the better time we had! The Kings ended up beating the Celtics! Woohoo!! And as they left the court we were so close a few of the Kings slapped my hubby's hand on the way out! Through-out the game there were quite a few members of the Kings crew (trainers, water boys, etc) that would walk by and say "Thanks for supporting the team." It was great! So God willing you know where we'll be next year!

Yeah this is how close we were! Unfortunately all I had was my camera phone which doesn't take great pictures. This was probably the best of the bunch.

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