Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Quick Little Something

Just a quick note card I made with my new stamps. I really like Autumn Leaves Swirls and Flourishes stamp sets, they are fun! I used my markers so I could use different colors for different parts of the image. I had a difficult time with circle, it didn't come out the way I wanted it to because I didn't have any stamps that matched the vision I had in my mind. Plus it was getting late and my husband wanted to go to bed (I stamp in the bedroom). So I kind of threw it together quickly just to get it done. I'll figure something better out next time. Maybe time to buy more stamps! lol- no I think I need to spend less money on new stamps and use the one's I have more often! I don't need every stamp out there... or do I?

Some images copyright Stampin' UP!
Stamps: SU Seeing Spots, AC Moore $ Stamp, Autumn Leaves Swirls, Flourishes
Paper: Confetti White, SU Rose Red, Elegant Eggplant
Ink: SU Brocade Blue
Other: SU Write Markers
Embellisments: Rhinestones


Samantha said...

Hey, I got a card in the mail yesterday. It was sent January 4th. Is that the card you said you mailed 3 weeks ago? ;)

Lindsi Dawn said...

If it was a Christmas card yeah you got it- That's the only card I have sent you recently, but I put it in the mail three weeks ago... I don't know what happened. Did I put the right Appt# on it? Maybe that's what happened.

Samantha said...

No you didn't put the right apartment number on the thank you card--it was originally on there and crossed out for the old apartment number in an odd twist. But the card itself was a thank you card for the make-up I sent you.

I *did* get a Christmas card a long time ago, though. Back in the beginning of December, but that was more like 6 weeks ago.

Lindsi Dawn said...

talk about lame (on my part for the appt#)! 3 weeks, 6 weeks, when it comes to shipping in my world it's all the same! lol