Friday, February 9, 2007

{ My Brother's Birthday & LSC102 }

I finally sat down today to make my brothers birthday card, since it is 6 days away now! I made a little extra something, he loves Starburst candies so I filled a Frap bottle with Starburst and used SU colors to match. I hope it doesn't look to "kiddish" for a 24 year old, OMG he's 24! I was thinking it was 22 or something. I can't believe it! He's getting married next month too, this is getting weird!

I actually played along with a challenge from SCS, LSC102. I normally am not to into the challenges. I have soooooo many ideas in my mind that I feel restricted by them. So far I have not really suffered from "stamper's block" but I'm sure the challenges will help to get the juices flowing when that day comes.

Anyway, everything is pretty straight forward here. The top of the Frap bottle also has a Fish stamped on it. I frayed the ribbon on the fish tag so it would match the card. I'm pretty happy with it being that it was my first attempt at covering a Frap bottle. The tag in this would obviously be the fish with the frayed ribbon on it.

All images copyright Stampin' Up!
Stamps: SU Very Punny
Paper: SU Tempting Turquoise, Whisper White, Green Galore
Ink: SU Tempting Turquoise, Craft Basic Black
Embellishments: SU Ribbon
Other: Joann's Embossing Powder
Techniques: Heat Embossing

The card was fun, one big long tag for the focal point, wow, two challenges completed in one day! I normally don't use such bright & bold colors, they were chosen to match the Starburst wrappers. Overall, even though I'm not too thrilled with the colors, I am still very happy with the card itself.
Some images copyright Stampin' Up!
Stamps: SU Very Punny, Art's Hero "Enjoy Your Birthday"
Paper: SU Tempting Turquoise, Whisper White, Green Galore, Basic Black
Ink: SU Tempting Turquoise, Craft Basic Black
Embellishments: SU Ribbon
Other: Joann's Embossing Powder
Techniques: Heat Embossing, Distressing


Allison said...

You did a super job with both! I never thunk to put anything like candies in the frap bottle...this is super since it seems everyone I know has some addiction. TFS!

Samantha said...

I think it's a good idea. But you're right: He's 24. Probably a little too old for *only* this. If you're supplementing it with something else, then I can see this happening. But I am not entirely convinced that this is even really that appropriate for a birthday gift, know what I mean? It's seems more like a nifty idea to bring home as a gift if you haven't seen someone in a while. Or it seems like the perfect gift to bring to a host if you're going to a party. Or it seems like the absolute perfect idea as a party favor or prize at a kid's bday party. But I don't know about it being a birthday gift all on its own.

Lindsi Dawn said...

Samantha, being that the only contact I've had with my brother since I moved was a phone call asking where his Nintendo was and that I have not recieved a birthday or Christmas gift or card from him since I was 12 or so when my parents "made" him give me something I feel no obligation to give him anything, nor do I care to. I just love these little Frap bottles so I thought I would send a little something with the card. I wish I hadn't though, it cost me $6 to ship $2 worth of candy to him... and he'll probably just throw it away as soon as it is empty. Not to mention all the $$$ I'm shelling out for his wedding next month. Anyway I think it's more than enough, but I do agree with you. I would never give this as a "normal" birthday gift.

Samantha said...

Yeah, that's what I figured. I was going to leave that in the comment section (that you've probably never received a gift from him, but I wasn't sure if that'd be inappropriate for me to blare all over your blog--so you saved me the trouble!). I figure just ignore him and his birthday next year and save the cool frap bottles for your little cousins' bday parties. They probably deserve them more anyway.